Our innovative and thriving advertising ideas, products, services has been appreciated time to time by our Clients (Govt. Departments, Educational Institutions, Social Organizations, Corporate Houses, Micro and Small Enterprises)

Ask Us For: Marketing, Promotions (Brand, Product), Event Planners (Govt. Private): Road Shows, Canopy Displays, Hoarding, Wall Writings, Sign Displays Printing Solutions.

Innovative means of Advertising.

We have ample experiences in branding, designing, product launch, theme designing etc.

Apart from the above we have experience of drafting, compiling, printing, distributing early morning (for 6 consecutive days) daily newspaper bulletin (8 pages) in 5th intra University Youth Festival “Sonzal 2012” so enjoys corner space for the concept.

Some Experiences at a Glance:

Traffic Awareness camps at sumo stands for general masses and drivers and distribution of 430 First Aid Kits to sumo vehicles as goodwill gesture with TCI MAX Cement in (May-June 2011)

Organized counseling program for HRD.

Sonzal 2012 “Nov 2012” Sponsoring agency, procuring all arrangements.

We are co-managers of the band, band quite recently won the title of War of Bands in held in Bakshi Stadium.

And  Many More..

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